North Trail

Northerly views of Orcas Island are generally marked by heavily forested hills with the Cascade Mountain Range as distant shapes on the horizon; and the best place to see these picturesque vistas is the North Trail in Moran State Park.  Park at the Cold Springs trail head and follow the trail to a sharp cutoff that leads north-northwest towards the northern boundary of the park.  The best views will be as the trail winds east along the northern face of Mount Constitution.  A quick descent towards Twin Lakes shakes the hike up for the climax. From Twin Lakes you can continue south towards Mountain Lake or Mt. Pickett for further adventures; or take the steep, winding trail up Mount Constitution towards the Summit for the quickest route back.

For a real challenge park at the Summit of Mount Constitution and follow the trail towards Twin Lakes.  Then proceed on a gradual ascent up the northern face of the mountain and follow the North Trail backwards towards Little Summit.