Southeast Boundary Trail to the Top of Mt. Pickett

The Southeast Boundary Trail, also serving as the Southern Boundary Trail, is one of the most heavily wooded trails in the park, covering over five miles of forest land with markedly less hill elevation than the rest of Moran State Park before reaching Mt. Pickett. The trail does not possess an a proper trail head and can be accessed from the parking at the Park Office located near the South End Campground of Cascade Lake.  From there the trail winds east crossing Olga Road as it exits Moran State Park.  Spaces may be available for parking across the bridge at the south entrance of the Park but there is no official parking.

Two routes proceed towards Mt. Pickett; one turns northeast directly towards the mountain and the other route continues east towards the Park’s eastern boundary before heading north towards the mountain.  Mt. Pickett is a rapid ascent with heavy woodlands; it also takes hikers further from civilization than any other trail in the park.  Pack a snack and stay hydrated!  Trails leading towards the parking lots for Cascade Falls and Mountain Lake adjoin the Southeast Boundary Trail at several points for a quick hike back.